Some words she wants to be remembered for.


Papercuts Vol 18, Postscript – Published: July 2017

MangoBaaz, NUST Is Finally Welcoming Its Newest Family Member – Published: May 2017

Papercrush, What My School Was Yet To Teach Me – Published: March 2017


DAWN, Airports & send-off – Published: August 2015

Pakistan Ink, Mobeen Ansari Delights NUST – Published: April 2015

Hiba Magazine, Lead by Faith – Published: April 2015


NUSTIAN 2014 – December in Islamabad

Hiba Magazine Finding Fatimah – Published: July 2014

NUST Literary Circle Airbrushed Hearts, Auto-Tuned Thoughts – Published: April 2014

NUST Literary Circle From the Desk of a Freshman – Published: April 2014


The Generian 2012-13, Petrichor

The Generian 2012-13, Reflections

Hiba Magazine, Hope you are okay, Omar Khadr – Published: May 2013

The News, Us Magazine, To the Bully who Loves to Hate Me – Published:  January 2013


VirtualMosque,  Al-Maqbuheen: a short story, – Published: December 2012

The Generian 2011-2012, Generation’s Day

The Generian 2011-2012, Beyond Sixteen


Hiba Magazine,Changing the World at Seventeen,  Published: October 2011

The Recovery – Published: July 2011

From Karachi, With Love, Don’t talk to Strangers – Published: July 2011
DAWN, Young World, The Tortoise and the Hair – Published: January 2011

The Generian 2010-11, سمندر کے اس پار

The Generian 2010-11, Vanilla

The Generian 2010-11, School Spirit

The Generian 2010-11, Forever

The Generian 2010-11, Editorial

The News, Us Magazine, A Summer to Remember – Published: September 2010

The Old and the New – Published: July 2010

Muslim American Girls MAGazine: September/October 2010, We Walked Along the Path

The Generian 2008-10, Life’s Too Short

IBA Iqra Times, Pathway to Happiness – Published: December 2009
Hiba Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 3, Book Review: Dying and Living for Allah
Hiba Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 2, Expect More!
Hiba Magazine, Volume 6, Issue 1, Misguide ‘em Young
The News, Us Magazine, No Goodbyes – Published: 24/4/2009
DAWN, Young World, Face-to-face on Facebook – published 31/10/2009

DAWN, Young World, Turn off the lights – published 08/11/2008
DAWN, Young World, Is this “fair”? – Published 13/09/2008
DAWN, Young World, Lunch with Langurs – Published 02/08/2008
DAWN, Young World, Slimming craze among youth – Published 02/08/2008
DAWN, Young World, Write for yourself – Published 21/06/2008
DAWN, Young World, Karachi: is it really the city of lights? – Published 24/05/2008
DAWN, Young World, Book Review: Chinese Cinderella – Published 10/05/2008
DAWN, Young World, Underage Motorcyclists – Published 05/04/2008
DAWN, Young World, Responsibility Warning – Published 29/03/2008


The Generian 2007-08, My Box of Chocolates

The Generian 2007-08, The Devastation

DAWN, Young World, Amna’s Sacrifice – Published 22/12/2007
DAWN, Young World, On Turning 13 – Published 13/10/2007
DAWN, Young World, The Old House – Published 28/04/2007

DAWN, Young World, The Picture says it all – Published 12/08/2006


One Comment

  1. I’ve read loads of this stuff.
    Two of the 2007 stories I still remember..
    Weird, isn’t it? All those times I picked up Young World and read “Ayesha Nasir” and my mind didn’t immediately carve through a memory of you with the “Gaza Girl” in your hands and Aamna baji at your side and the hustle and bustle of home time at the North Campus around us. Or that I read “Ayesha Nasir” and didn’t think “Makola!”
    I didn’t know you once. I didn’t even know of you once.


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