About this makola

My grandfather was inspired. “Makola!” he said to me in delight as I, a mere toddler, laughed happily in his arms.

It was only at the age of thirteen that I asked him: What is a Makola?

He said: Back in my day a Makola was the name of the children who spoke of strange things. We would call them this out of love for them.

I smiled, I understood.

Hence it has become my nickname, tagline, signature, nom de plume; whatever you call it.

And yes, I love to write. Just ramming that keyboard letter down and hear that *punch*…. such an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. And purpose.

Ayesha Nasir (Makola)

City of Lights



  1. ahem ahem..wese so true makola does sound like the name of a disease..anyway..love ur creativity i wish u could lend me some:p n u never told anyone u had a blog??still two words dudette:


  2. Kool:)….
    love every expression of yours, how easily you give words to every random thought!..beautiful!
    Luv u MAkola:)


  3. You are going to go a long way.To a journey of words and dreams.And all of them belonging to you.
    You put together words and stories which are highly appreciated.Keep it coming,dear friend.


  4. Thats such a beautiful story, gave my heart a little smile. Can’t think of an equivilant word in English. Much respect to you and to a culture that values that idea enough to have a word for it. I like the things you write a lot, enjoy your blogging.

    “…the name of the children who spoke of strange things. We would call them this out of love for them.” thats just fantastic, yay!


  5. Thank you everyone :)
    @Rukhpar Mor: No it’s definitely not Urdu. My grandfather is from Bihar, so probably some word for that part of the world.


  6. I was about to ask you what MAKOLA is, and then I read this. Beautifully explained. you are a good story teller. It was just like I was reading a passage from a novel.

    Best of luck! You’ve got a pretty nice blog. :)


  7. wow Makola is cute :) I love the things our grand parents use to tall us, strange things that we don’t even agree with ! But they are too cute to be ignored ! Love your blog….Stay blessed :) xx


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