Places to cry

  1. Where your mother gave birth to you
  2. In prayer
  3. At school
  4. At the airport
  5. Backstage
  6. In the audience
  7. During a lecture at university
  8. In the window-seat
  9. In front of a computer screen
  10. On Skype
  11. Before your mother’s empty room / full closet
  12. At the dining table
  13. The bathroom floor
  14. On the wrong bus
  15. In a crowd of people you may never see again
  16. At the voting booth
  17. Beside your brother, at your sister’s wedding
  18. In the house you spent most of your childhood in
  19. The terrace/corridor of the hostel
  20. Behind a newspaper
  21. In mid-conversation
  22. Between the pages of a book
  23. In the pause before the silence breaks
  24. With your back to the TV screen
  25. Crouched near the landline
  26. In your grandfather’s room
  27. Where you washed the dishes

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