for she who died.

Two women were headed home in a white car. They were shot near a library by men on bikes. Four bullets to the daughter, two for the mother. The men who surrounded the white car were armed. They escaped. They ran away after doing what they set out to do.

The police responded by saying they are checking if surveillance cameras were installed near that place.

If none of this disturbs you, I don’t know what to say to you.

Lets forget for a moment who these women are and what causes they support. They were shot with the intention of killing.

They were innocent. We did not protect them.

Lets forget the fact that they were women. They were unarmed citizens who paid their taxes and were loved by those who knew them.

How could you do it, you who pulled the trigger? Not once, but six times at least.

Who provided you with the guns? Who taught you hate? Is this what they train you for? How do you swallow what you eat, when you know that you bought it with money that has blood on it?

What are we going to do about you?

What do you think Allah will do?


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