The Midterm of November 2014

by Makola

We had to attempt 16 questions in 2 hours. These were not questions you could give short answers to.  So the first thing I did was to divide the time I had per question by doing a small calculation.

Instead of keeping track of the time I had, I ended up being so engrossed in a couple of the questions that I didn’t have enough time to answer the remaining ones.

I had answers – correct ones – to almost all of them. I know it could have been done. Then why didn’t I devote enough time to the questions which remained?  Why didn’t I give the answers which I was aware of?  Why did I forget that I would run out of time? Was I confident that I could pull it off? That I’d  squeeze in everything? Should I not have done justice to the entire exam instead of certain questions only?

And that’s really what got to me. Which questions am I paying attention to and why. Which answers do I have ready.  Which answers am I most emotionally and physically investing in. Which are the answers I know to be true but I haven’t shared yet.

What’s stopping me? Is it the illusion that I have time?