A soul that lived.

If you were to be imprisoned in a room for a long time and could take only two things with you, what would they be?
“Faith and hope”

Sarmad Tariq


This prayer is for you – that you are lifted from the vessel that held your brave spirit and taken to a world that is far more beautiful than any you have ever been to,  that you are given a strength that is stronger than any you have felt, that you are showered with love that is purer than any you received in the dunya.

I’ll think of you when I walk these streets. I’ll think of how there came a point when you could not plant your feet firmly on the roads of Islamabad. I’ll look at my own two feet which keep me grounded and my legs which let me race across the earth here. I’ll lift my eyes to the sky, with a prayer that you are okay, that Allah has kept you safe, and that you are reunited with your loved ones in a better world.

Pakistan is so blessed to have known you.


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