It has been long.

I’d really like to put up a window on this blog. An actual window. So you could place a letter, a flower, a pebble, a notebook, a book, yourself and then tell me what it feels like to see the world from there.

Because of that window you will know what it feels like. But how can looking be equal to feeling? The eyes are glassy orbs and it is the perception that is beautiful. Similarly it is the perception that is flawed. The heart can tell the difference though. It really can tell the difference between the two.

The problem is, you don’t want it to.

You don’t want to know the difference.

It’s not that simple, I know. Not everything can be recorded in words or in a photograph. You will know this in whichever profession you take up. Lawyers may get false testimonies, may have missing pictures. Journalists may find no words to express the horror they have seen and no angle is too audience-appropriate to be published. Teachers may have to grab hold of a chair to try to fathom the effect of the thoughts they are imparting on the group of fifteen-something kids in front of them. Even chalk and pencils refuse to do the trick.

I can tell you that everything is bright and radiant in this roshniyon ka shehr. That there is peace here. That I love it here.

None of that would be a lie, but none of that would be the only representation of truth.

Please take your words and tie them to my kite of loveliness. I could drift away in a heartbeat but all that is stopping me is the thought of you crying during a not actually good goodbye.

Oh, I truly wish you happiness and sukoon in what you are opting for. In what you pursue or seek out or stay with.



  1. I would love to have a look through your window. I had my perfect one once, tucked away in the comfort of my memories and the lies I told myself – but now it is broken, and stained and the other side is so blurry it takes hours for me to see right. I would love to have a look through your window.


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