for it is the wound where the light enters you


“Shehr-e Zaat… What an intriguing city this is, locus of myriads of hopes, desires, wishes, dreams, some materialized many unrealized. Akin to an enchantress, it seduces visitors with its manifold charms. There is so much here to see, to explore, to discover, to learn from and rejoice in. The best part, no passport or visa required to visit, it’s all here, within the self. This is an inward journey, a peek into the inner recesses of the soul; places we know exist, but know not how to enter. It is about questions we carry with us, without really being conscious of their existence. This then is the beauty of Shehr-e Zaat. It compels us to look within, past the tedium of everyday routine, and think beyond the realm of that which we think is thinkable.”



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