by Makola

In the silence at dawn, I can hear you breathing. You appear to be in the simplest of things; I can find you in the pause between my heartbeats, the long, heartbreaking sound before the myna cries herself to wakefulness and the way I can hear the ocean crashing against my screen on those conversations on Skype.

No matter where you are headed, I know you will come back and remember what it felt like being seventeen. I know you will remember the look in Azeela’s eyes, the feel of Unsa’s small palm pressed against your own and how Ahmed’s smile seems to be waiting for you at every corner of that red building.

I don’t know where you’ll be a year from now, but I know where you were a year ago. Things change, perhaps even people do. But amidst all that readjusting, icebreaking and reorienting, you will find peace. Oh it’ll take time. But you’ll find it.

Hang in there.