First ever movie review: Brave (2012)

One of my dream jobs is to work at Pixar or become a filmmaker so that I can a) do what I love i.e. write b) come up with a story for Muslims, both boys and girls, which they can play in their heads or the screens of their gadgets whenever they’re having a bad day.

But you know how it is with the world. Dreams like mine are told over and over again that they’re simply not good enough, or are shelved away only to be revisited when I myself am having a bad day.

This summer, however, something exciting has happened. No, I didn’t get an offer by Pixar or come up with a brilliant screenplay. Rather, Brave has come to theatres.

For those of you who have watched the trailers, you’ll know Merida is not the typical Disney princess. She is rather akin to Mulan or perhaps even Pocahontas in that the manner that she’s funny, fierce and a very strong girl.

Now you’d call it foolishness on my part to write about a movie before even watching it but even if I dont get to watch it on the big screen this June, I know that this will definitely be a movie I would want my children to grow up watching. Why? Because it shows that a girl doesn’t have to be super skinny to be classified as beautiful, that sometimes you can have grevious differences with your parents about customs but then eventually, you’ll’ learn and become wiser. That it’s cool if a woman knows how to defend herself not because of the big bad world outside but because she genuinely wants to. Kids will learn from Merida that you can be proud of where you come from no matter where you go. That family always matters. That you should be proud of your accent no matter what other people think of it. That your roots don’t merely pull you back – they become your safety net. That you will always love the place you call home no matter how hard times get for you.

Quite frankly, I know I’ll love Brave. Not just because it’s Pixar who is “behind the magic” this time around but because this is one movie I’ve waited ages to be made.

So if anyone reading this has watched it recently, do let me know what you think of it. I’d love to hear from you.


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