Upside Down

by Makola

I wrote this when I was 15

   Upside Down

I saw the world upside down. It hurt my eyes, but I kept looking at it. The blood pulsed through my veins and arteries, going the wrong way. The cars streaked across the roads about to tip over from the tarmac and hit the wide blue sky below.

I saw the world upside down. The buildings like matchsticks fell, plunging into the clouds, making holes and ripping at the white fluff, creating patterns of pointed skyscrapers and thatched roofs.

I saw the world upside down. People like me held hands and kept holding on to what was dear to them. They tried to string together words but gravity defied them and their words fell through the sky like bullets punching through windowpanes.

I saw the world upside down. Animals, of all shapes names and sizes, lumbered across land, sea and sky trying to fix their inverted vision. Birds walked on land, forgetting what it felt like to fly. Lions pranced on the sky, clawing at the sun, amazed by its heat. Reptiles of every hue snaked through the stars, enwrapping them with spectrums of colours.

I saw the world upside down. Seas trickled down into the vast horizon, wetting the seven skies till they eventually ran dry. Glaciers broke free and came crashing down eventually becoming shards as they reached the proximity of the sun. Lava from volcanoes silently traced the shapes of each cloud, making the sky red and gold and crimson.

I saw the world upside down. Ships and submarines sunk in the sea bed- anchors jammed them at the rocks below and they hung like plastic ships hanging on key chains. Airplanes pivoted on underwater cliffs. The Pacific Ocean became an abyss where things dangled- things like now uncovered treasure, human skulls, and chunks of rusted metal.

I saw the world upside down. Appliances such as microwaves and TV sets hung by the roots of trees, with the humans trying to save them from their destruction. Cell phones rained across the land and plunged into the heavens where no human eye could search for them, and the signals weakened till they became out of range.

I saw the world upside down. Nothing stayed in its place and what should have been, never was. The world fell around into a billion pieces, that weren’t even recognizably its own. It was wonderfully weird. I fell and hit the sky, drenching myself in its blueness. Upside down, everything looked better, clearer and surprisingly precious.

And, just like that, the world became cool again.