Through the rain and snow 

the storms that other people blow

I will be your shelter,

I will be your cover

Cover by The Sound of Reason

Sometimes I find it hard to completely rid myself of any music. It is as though I’ll have to shelve away a part of me and never take it up again, never talk about it or blow away the dust from what was or could have been. Not that I haven’t done that already. But with certain songs – they stay with you and at moments in your life come back to you when you least expect them. It’s as if they’re saying, “I told you so.”

Seems funny now but sometime back there was a list I made titled “Songs I May Never Hear Again” – now you might be thinking along the lines of mainstream pop/rock/any other genre that’s famous these days. But it wasn’t just that. These were songs which made me a better person. Songs, like books, which helped me see the world from a perspective different yet so similar to mine. Sure there were stupid ones which would play in my head during Term Assessments but they faded away. With time, the meaningless things fade away and you’re left with a clearer view.

So yesterday, I made ammi and baba listen to Cover.

I think they liked the lyrics.

When it ended and while I packed it all away, there was something in what baba had said earlier that clicked.

“Har cheez mein achai aur burai hoti hai. Your duty is to find the good in it and appreciate it.” It’s true. Everything has good in it and the bad. No matter how tired I get of saying this but.. the bad makes you appreciate the good out there and hold onto it.

So in answering my confusion and for want of clarity, I read/researched and found my answer. The answer may not be the popular opinion for most people but it’s one which Sheikh Wissam gave at a Livedeen conference during the Q&A session. He said, “Don’t ask me if it’s haraam or halaal. Ask yourself if it is bringing you close to Allah.”

That’s why most of the playlists have been cleared. Luna, my phone, has undergone major revamping. The songs that are still left will be deleted with time, this much I know. Perhaps this is why the List hasn’t been uploaded here on this blog.

I’ll keep it with me as the years go by. It will be rather like an archive. Or that farthest part of your drawer which you’ll clean out once you find the strength to.

Those words they wrote and sung were truth but I have found a Truth that’s more beautiful and empowering than anything else. I just hope I’m brave enough to never let it go; brave enough to speak the truth, even if I don’t know where I’ll find the words to.



  1. Reblogged this on watchingeverysunset and commented:
    This is something I have wanted to say for such a long time – but she manages to do so in a much better way that I would be able to. Thank you, Ayesha Baji.


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