My brain wanted to cheer me up so it said, “Hey, why don’t you make a list titled What I Miss?”

(In its defence, it’s good at making lists.)

My heart refused. Brave thing.

So I’m left with wanting a hug and some skittles. And probably a good dose of watching Children of Heaven. Or Grave of the Fireflies. Whichever loads first.

Did I mention I really really really can’t wait for Ramadhan? And TCF? And Maryam coming to Pakistan? (Maryam you better read this years from now and let me know what an awesome cousin I am.)

In other things, this blogger (I can’t believe I called myself that) shall be gone for sometime so if you do not hear from me, do not worry.

All is well.



city of lights

P.S. A wave to anyone out there reading my words. Here is something I came across which made me smile: Beautiful as you are.


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