One more chance to rise, look beyond and trust that although the rise and the fall are natural and perhaps even painful, they are memories in themselves.


When I came across a Fool in a Shakespearean tragedy I was told that no matter how tragic a moment is. There will always be a moment of relief, ‘the comic relief’ as they say it. But no one mentioned that at times these shifts in moods and emotions don’t enjoy the luxury of a scene change.

Such was a day yesterday. The sun rose to this ‘so called’ Sunday with a promise that it won’t be just another Sunday. And indeed it wasn’t. From the rushing to get dressed, all in white, for the long awaited, by some, Sports Day. (Yes on a Sunday). To sailing through the silent early morning streets, collecting like fated souls and heading for the ‘Shack’ from where we were to embark on a journey to the ‘Palace’…the palace with a view, the palace with a ‘Taj’

To write the details or sequence of…

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