To My Loved Ones in Colleges

I search for you in photographs. To see if they have captured that smile I know and remember so well. To see if they have seen in you what I’ve seen all these years. And if they have held onto it, just like I have.

You “make” friends like I knew you would (see, it wasn’t so hard after all) and I wish they were my friends too so that we could have memories in common. Laughter. Tears. Memories.

Do you trust me to understand everything that has happened so far? Because I don’t understand and I don’t trust myself. I do know however that there is a wisdom behind everything and some day, I will know it too. Just not today.

Distance, time and a void of shared “magic moments” has become the measurement of the gap between us. In all this, I’m surprised at how well I seem to be taking it. I know that you aren’t surprised. You’ve deemed me strong. And some part of me wants to believe that.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is, it makes me happy to imagine you happy. You know me, it does.

I know it’s not much but I keep praying and hoping you truly are happy and that you remember you’re loved.




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