PK518 revisited

Will I forget today? Will I forget what it felt like to feel the sun on my face in that place which is now to be my school, college, home for the next two years? Will I forget-
the way that random stranger sat beside me on those plastic chairs and poured out her heart to me thinking I’d understand and possible help her out, and that I did, and it was lovely, just knowing that I could help someone with mere words and that she would say what she said to me regarding what I wrote some time back (how long ago, Ayesha?);
how they hugged me, kissed me, spoke to me with stars shining in their eyes as though I’d performed a miracle, or maybe I’d been the miracle (is there a difference?);
how I had been rendered speechless just by spotting Afshan and Soha and hugging them, afshan twice because I hadn’t been there in time for her results;
when I skimmed through Kartography, understanding, recalling, remembering;
why I stood looking out towards one corridor which reminded me of home, my home, not there, not then, but somewhere nearer to me than any other place on earth.
If I said “I love you”, would that be enough? Is confessing the first step towards achieving peace? The walls do not reply. You love a place not because of the building or the blue in the sky rather because of what it is as a whole. And what you are once you’re there. And why you’re there. And who you’re there with.

and why you chose to stay.


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