truth part 2

Only that which is done for Allah lasts forever.
— Ibrahim ibn Adham

Do not depend too much on anyone in this world because even your own shadow leaves you when you are in darkness.
— Ibn Taymiyah

The Messenger salla Allahu alayhi wasallam said: Jibreel came to me and said: ‘O Muhammad, live as long as you want, for you will die. Love whomever you want, for you will leave him. Do whatever you want, for you will be held accountable for it. Remember that the believer’s honor is his praying at night, and his pride is his being independent of people.’
— Sahih al-Jaami’

Indeed Allah has worshipers who have been silenced by fear of Him although they are eloquent in speech.
— Abdullah ibn Abbas

When my heart became constricted and my paths became narrow,
I took my hope in Your pardon and forgiveness, as an opening and an escape.
My sins seemed very great to me, but when I compared them to Your forgiveness My Lord,
I found Your forgiveness to be greater.
— Imam ash-Shafi’ee

The greatest battles of life are fought out every day in the silent chambers of our own hearts.

Indeed our words will remain lifeless, barren, devoid of any passion, until we die as a result of these words, whereupon our words will suddenly spring to life and live on amongst the hearts that are dead, bringing them back to life as well.
— Sayyid Qutb


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