by Makola

i want my city back.
give it back, please. where have you hidden it? i thought you didn’t want it, that you considered it worthless. i want it back. you had no right to take it from us.
i want my city back. the darkness is suffocating. it’s toxic, it can kill. see if you were to return to us our city of lights, everything would be alright again.
that day in frere hall, i searched for kartography. i wanted to lose myself in its maps and railway tracks again. i realised i didn’t have a copy of my own, and that it was about time i should get one. but like all other things which i love, it too could not be found.
i am telling you because your presence is obvious. please give me my city back. take anything in return. i will give it, you know i will.
but if that too doesn’t suffice, if that too you find fazool,
we could share you know.
just give me back my city.
if i lose it, i lose myself. if i lose it, i lose home.