Something made your eyes go cold

Trust no one. Lesson number one.

But who taught you?
Who is your teacher? A movie on your television set? A book stacked against your wall?

With me it’s different. They tell me I’m perceptive. But there are times when I prove them wrong. Deliberately.

Let go. Lesson number two.
It takes me more than a work of fiction to realize this.
Despite everything, despite all those promises… nothing lasts forever. Not in your world, I have seen. Not there, not then.

Appearances are deceptive. Lesson number four, five, and six.

Faces. So many faces. You wear one, you discard the other. You flick off the skin. Like a snake. A reptile that sheds what it was once comfortable in. Or you tear away at flesh. Ruthlessly.
But even after all that effort, all that pain. You’re back to square one. Skin grows. Don’t you know? Haven’t you heard only brain cells never repair? All else is fixed. All else appears to be. All else doesn’t deceive.

City of Lights, Pakistan


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