September of ’48

by Makola

There is a letter. A letter Ruttie wrote for her husband, Jinnah. I stumbled across it and I was humbled. I was humbled because I know that it must have been hard. Jinnah’s life was hard. I do not know if he got what he wanted, but he wanted Pakistan. And we have Pakistan.
But I am left wondering if this is what he wanted. Was it ever worth it?
He could have been an average Indian. Living under the British Raj, with a lovely wife, a happy sister and a much more peaceful future. But he wasn’t.
What we read of him in historical accounts, in textbooks written by the Sindh Educational Board (or British historians in my case) is never enough.
Just before my Pakistan Studies paper, I tried reading Jaswant Singh’s book. But I left halfway. Because I had had enough.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a true leader. He was human. He must have made mistakes. But I know Pakistan was not a mistake. And I know that I miss him despite not even existing in his time.
I just wish he was here.

City of Lights i.e. شہرِ قائد