I once had a Blogspot

halfway around the world, sunday dec 5th, 2010
Once we were told that the world would end. Once, just once, we forgot.
And when we forgot, things became so beautifully ugly.
We ran through the dark woods of time, pranced through the branches of ages, dwindled down into a mere wisp of a forgotten sound. We became what we thought we’d become…
And we found that the world was really going to end. And there was nothing we could do to stop it.

untitled.time has no name, saturday june 19, 2010
Okay so Im sitting here. And Im thinking. What the heck am I doing?
You see, it just hit me- we waste so much time thinking.
Not that thinking is a crime, or that it’s bad. But still. We waste time. And time is something we cant afford to lose. Sure our thoughts seem more problematic, but they stay with us (nearly) always.
But time doesn’t.
It goes away. So soon.
And all we’re left to do is stare at moving hands on clocks which lie, and stare at the skies which go from purple to black to blue and to purple again. Interesting right?
I thought so too.

so far, so great, saturday june 19 2010
Ok, so Im here. Finally.
To start off, blogging never fails to amaze me. It’s so irrespective of people, it’s so raw. It’s so good that it shouldn’t even exist…you know, kinda like those things which are too good to be real.
By this I don’t mean to flatter myself. Heck no.
Im only referring to the possibility of reading these amazing blogs which open up these little windows into worlds so new, so comforting, and just so good.
Yep, rambling. (Not.)
In other news, PK got beaten by IN. Typical. but hey, we’ll survive. We’ve been through worse right?

a moment of silence, mon april 20, 2010
a moment of silence for all those who lost their lives braving this world.
a moment, for those who forgot the purpose of their lives, and blinded themselves to the truth.
no matter how obvious things get, their are still people who deny all except that which is profitable.
forget profit, forget loss.
remember your reality,
that’s honestly what counts.
peace earth


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