by Makola

I think I forgot to mention. I saw an airplane burst into flame as it hit the ground. I saw the sky turn orange at two in the night, and then red. As if it was on fire. Except there was no heat. And no sound. Had it not been for my eyes, i would never have given such a possibility a second thought. Not that night at least. Not there, not then. And why, you ask, are you writing about it? Because I want to remember. Because, like a friend said, not all people get to see things like that each day. Or even in a lifetime.
Asking “why me?” is unnecessary. It has since long been obvious that i’m not of those who can turn a blind eye to everything and live their life as if there’s no wrong out there, as if we can all sleep safe and sound without a care in the world.
(We can, just so you know. But not without some prior thought, action, waghaira. You get the picture).
So yes.
Airplanes come crashing down in this world. Accidents happen, mistakes are made. Seconds of poor judgement, lapse of concentration levels, or simple distractions can lead to headlines in the morning’s newspapers.
But sometimes, nothing is what it seems, as Allah alone knows what happened. And what will happen. Whatever it is.

City of Lights Ablaze