This have I learnt

  • The Prophet said: If the child of a servant (of Allah) dies, Allah says to His Angels: ‘Have you taken the child of My servant?’
    The Angels reply: ‘Yes.’
    Allah says to them: ‘Have you taken the fruit of his heart?’
    They reply: ‘Yes.’
    Then Allah says to them: ‘What did my servant say?’
    The Angels reply: ‘He praised Allah and said: ‘To Allah do we return.’
    Allah tells them: ‘Build a home for my servant in Paradise and call it Baytul Hamd (the House of Praise).’ [Tirmidhi]
  • “The problem with stars is that we think they are so beautiful from far away… but in reality they are enormous balls of burning fire. Such are our sins.”
  • “Women are endowed with a spiritual preeminence that stems from their devotion to genuineness and belonging. It is a yearning for what is viscerally authentic in all their connections and relationships—especially with God. It is this very essence that makes woman profoundly soulful in her giving and at once so insatiable in her yearning. It is also what makes her so bewilderingly enigmatic, so disarmingly incomprehensible—even to herself. Ironically, it is also this gift that makes her appear tentative, often uncertain—when all that she wishes is for everything that she ever does to be meaningful, authentic and pure. ”
    –Sh. Abdullah Adhami
  • It was just a dream.



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