by Makola

We were sitting in the library. Just the two of us.
Maybe there were more people, I didn’t notice.
I picked up the “Silence Please” not-actually-heavy-paperweight. She looked at it and smiled. And said, “You know if there was one word I could describe you with, it would be ‘silent”. Even when you’re saying something- your words silence everyone else.”
And I asked her, after a pause,
“Qurrat, are lines meant to be crossed?”
She said
“Some are. But most aren’t. Lines are meant to keep some things out and somethings in. The most important thing is that you are satisfied with what’s inside and what’s outside, even if you don’t like it.”
I looked at her, my hand still tracing the words on the red paperweight.
“Being satisfied, that’s important” she was saying.
I nodded.
And then, just like that, we were talking about other things. Before the bell rang, we had made a dozen anagrams for “Silence Please”.
My favourite being: Sis Plea Line

City of Lights