by Makola

This Eid, I visited the graveyard.

It’s still the same.

Though this time the pain- or whatever you call this aching- was less. It was eid, and all 18 million of us Pakistanis were trying to be happy. P (unhappy in Pakistan)= 1/1.8 x 10 to the power 7)

Strangely though I cant say if the one thing that bothers me most is the silence or the noise there. It’s both. And when it’s both, that’s when the ends and understanding seeps in.

You think that the dead have truly ever left you?

 Dumbledore asked that.

No, Professor, that cannot be true. Not because I feel it somewhere in my bone marrow but because I don’t think the dead can be easy to let go off.

Don’t believe me?

Come to the City of Lights and you’ll see what I’ve tried to say in these 153 words.

Makola- C of L.