Chemistry and other topics

I have been officially sixteen for a couple of weeks now. Happy birthday Makola. I wish you the very best.

Um. Yeah; should stick to normal entries for some time.

Tomorrow’s my chemistry exam. I hope get through since chemistry is sorta maybe possibly awesome. (Epic moment. Remember this for the rest of your 100 years)

Things in Pakistan have been disasterous. But Pakistan’s been pretty great about it. The floods have left 21 million people homeless. Without any shelter. But they do have somewhere to go- right here :]

The best thing about the situation right now, or probably the only good thing, is that we’re not scared by these statistics. We all know we’re going to end up fertilizing daffodils some day, and if living life the way so many selfless people are living recently is worth it, then I’m up for the voluntary work. Abhi se.

So. Dear Pakistan, the city of lights is yours and will always be. I know you’re going through something difficult right now- with even your cricketers leaving your heart in a gazillion shreds- but you’ve been through worse.

Remember 1947.

It’ll be okay, Allah willing.



City of Neverdimming Lights


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