"Cause when it rains, will you always find an escape?"

I confess- the last entry was uncalled for. I was wrong in thinking that just by ranting about an airplane crash I could lessen the pain. I couldn’t. It’s still the same.

I don’t know who you are and why you’re reading this. But do me a favour, please pray for the survivors of the airplane crash. All 170 million of us. Yes Im talking about the survivors who are also known as Pakistanis.

Please pray that we better. Please pray that we choose what is right even if it is difficult instead of choosing what is wrong no matter how easy it is. Please pray that the Muslim in us is never destroyed- that is stays wholly good, and obedient and strong. And brave. Mostly brave.

The mourning is over- it never should have begun. The sky is a brilliant blue. Like out of a movie. Or a photograph- you know the ones which can silence you.

Weirdly, airplanes- once my favourite mode of transport, next to trains- are now appearing in recurrent nightmares. They haunt the skies. And that’s not fair. That’s just not fair.

I’ll write later, inshaAllah.

Have unplugged the TV and smoothed out the crumpled newspapers.

Before you know it, life goes back to normal.

But you stay the same.


City of Lights


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