In the falling summer rain

Something happens each year. And one hopes it’s something you remember because of how thrilling and happy it was.

This year too something happened. Something which made me feel at peace with the world. Which is rare, I admit.

The Citizens Foundation ( was what happened to me. And Im glad it did.

I am now going to get wads of paper and write down in them all that I remember about TCF. Their smiles, words, thoughts…everything.

It was like someone transplanted me from this dripping-with-gloom city into a place called Khuda Ki Basti which was (as the name suggests) a divine place. An exodus I could never have imagined. Could never have dreamed about.

I’m no proper person to say what the kids go through each day, but this was heaven for them- as it was for us.

Goodness, no matter how distant it seems, is always at hand. We simply need to look around and grasp its hold.



City of Lights



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