stand up when it’s all crashing down

bad omens about 2010? nah not really. not that anyone needs to avoid feeling that the year might actually turn out pretty amazing, but that no negativity is required.

it’s already enough to last a lifetime.

and i doubt being “morbid” about the future years to come will help.

it so won’t.

(i should know)


if you were to ask me how the City of Lights is, i’d say it still hasn’t changed it’s status of being the City of the Dead. apparently our peace is not a good sign for people against peace. especially karachi’s peace.

never mind.

the city of lights will continue to glow. it has us. it has our luminous abilities. which are yet to be discovered. or, need i say, fully exploited.

weird term.

so we’re still in the dark about things. so what. will it change anything. maybe possibly yes. but it won’t harm to turn on the lights in us will it?

and yet.

the darkness comes closer and closer. hits nearer to our heart than ever before.

“is this illusion or KESC?” [Kartography, by Kamila Shamsie]

wish i knew.

peace out.


city of (undead) lights


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