welcome to the city of the dead

by Makola

we are under severe confusion. all of us.


is it a crime to help? help something which can be fixed… but its just people dont want it fixed.

that hurts so much.


the city of lights has vanished. there is blood ebbing in our streets. no, not from the sacrifice of Eid.

this is the blood of the martyrs. the blood of the innocent. the blood of truth.

what does this say?


it’s a silence engulfing us. we’re not awed. we’re not speechless.

we’re scared.

we dont know what to say.

for words come out all wrong. and people do not help anymore (back to that again).

you see, this is the city of the dead.

because the dead.. are.. dead. they are cold. inside out.

so are we.

in fact we’re worse.

we’ve got hearts of hatred, and minds which have no mercy.



to the city of dead.