on martyrs

by Makola


We belong to Allah and to Him shall we return.

nearly everyone would have read or heard or googled up the details on Marwa Shebini’s death. or more like, martyrdom.  so, they’re calling her the Martyr of Hijab.

most of us Pakistanis are aware of the missing person named Aafia Siddiqui and how impossible it seems to get her back safely.

both these two news have not much in common. but i cannot fear for Ms. Aafia, for she is safe because she has not lost hope, and neither have we.

rewind fourteen-hundred years back… would this have happened? perhaps.

but now?

it just seems weird.

a moment of silence for Ms. Marwa, who I didn’t know anything about till this week. i pray she has found peace, and that her family is alright in every way possible.

i cannot say more, for i am inexperienced in these things. and perhaps, i don’t wish to say more.

with this hope that the world may some day find peace [as it is destined to],


city of (vanished) lights