today of all days.

by Makola


life sucks.

yeah, you ought to know.

today is an excpetionally O.K. day, apart from usual haziness, there was nothing unprecendented.

went to the airport, stared at people for like, an hour. came back with my ears plugged with vanessa carlton blasting off. wrong terminology, sorry.

so then, i [nearly] slept. NEARLY!

meme and fifi, were curled up the whole day. they’ve started meow-ing a lot nowadays. which means they need more food. how hungry can a kitten get?

so yeah, helped mami feed them.



well, nearly.

and now, am at nani’s with nothing to do. waiting for maghrib azan because i want to go home. :(

one of my relatives just came back from visiting the IDPs. as if it could’ve gotten worse. but yeah, i’m hoping they can go home again. if i were them, i would have wanted to go back. badly.

evening, everyone.


city of lights.